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"Pet-iquette" guidelines for pet owners.


Mount Dora is a very pet-friendly town with most businesses offering a bowl of cold water outside their door for passing pups, a dog treat bakery in the center of town, a natural foods and fashion store for pets, and even a dog park. 


Here are a few tips for you and your furry pals to have a safe and comfortable trip.


  • Keep identification on your pet as well as recent photos and vet records in your luggage.
  • Feel free to bring your pet's comfort items such as bedding, toys, treats, water/food bowls, etc.
  • Feed and provide water for your pet in the bathroom or on a tiled or hardwood floor. Not all pets are neat and tidy at meal time.
  • It is considerate for you to wipe any dirty or wet pet paws before entering the establishment.
  • Always keep your pet on a leash while in public areas.  Keep your pet on a leash when out of your room to respect other guests as well as protect your pet.
  • Bring a portable carrier for your pet or bring bedding to cover any furniture your pet will be allowed on.  In consideration of your host, do not allow the pet to sit on chairs, beds or bedspreads unless they have been covered with your own bed covering.
  • Avoid leaving your pet alone in the room. If you must leave your pet unattended in the room for a short period of time, provide an assortment of toys and turn on the television to keep your pet entertained.  Also, make sure your pet is securely crated in a familiar carrier while you are away.  
  • If you are going on a day trip or visiting sites that do not welcome pets, we prefer that you arrange for a pet-sitter or local pet day care.  Always leave a number where you can be reached in case your pet should become noisy.


Pet Owners: Please review our Pet Policies Page.


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